Parent Notes

Parent Notes--
Our last day of preschool will be May 14th. Tuition for May will be $50.00 Thanks!

May Calendar:
4th-7th: Letter Y
11th-14th: Letter Z

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Theme:  Letter Y/y
Letter Y is fun to make and fun to say its sound.  It is kind of hard to write.  Some of our focus words included yellow, yak, yogurt, and yes.  We read the book, Yes Day!  We talked about what we would want our parents to say "Yes" to if we had a "Yes Day".  We wrote Yes and practiced identifying it.

Show & Tell:  We had fun seeing a yak, a yellow star, a yellow hummer, and some yellow super heros.  Everyone was able to answer a Yes or No question by identifying the correct word on the board.

  • Yogurt & Yellow Crackers
  • Yellow Crackers, Cheese, & Gushers
  • Strawberries & Pretzels
  • Mother's Day Gifts--Each child did such a good job and is very excited to honor you this Mother's Day :)
  • Yoda for May the 4th
  •  Yarn Scraps
Writing:  Practiced Y/y and Yes

Science:  We felt some wool, alpaca, and buffalo fur.  We learned a little about how it becomes yarn.  We also learned what kinds of clothing come from animal yarn while other clothing comes from plant yarn. 

Music & Movement:
  • Hokey Pokey
  • 6 Yellow Ducks
  • Party in my Tummy
  • Sesame Street Letter Y Song
Yoga:  Thank you Michelle for coming and leading us on a yoga treasure hunt!  We really enjoyed it.  Ask your kiddos to show you the tree, bear, swim, or eagle poses :)


Sunday, May 3, 2015

X-tremely rare

Theme:  Letter X
We focused on X being at the end of words such as fox, box, ox, ax, and in the middle of words such as experiment, exit, and exciting.  We also worked with rhyming words such as socks and fox.

Choosing Time:  Dolls, Mini figures, puzzles, little people village,...

  • X-ray Name Watercolor
  • Fox in Socks
  • Volcano eXperiment
  • Listen to real fox sounds and look at real fox pictures

  • popcorn, fruit leather, & cookies
  • Plantain Chips & Mixed Fruit Kabobs

  • Happy Birthday Darren!  Thank you for sharing yummy cupcakes with us!
  • Happy Birthday Guy! Thank you for sharing fun tootsie rolls!
Music & Movement:
  • Cris Cross X Sauce
  • 6 little Ducks
  • eXercises (X jacks, X punches, ....)
  • Oh, a Hunting We Will Go
  • What Does a Fox Say?
  • Here Comes the Ox Cart
Writing:  Practice X/x

eXciting Outing at the Bicentennial Park:


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Double U?

Theme:  Letter W

Choosing Time:  Wedge-its, Wheels, Word Puzzles, W/w Whale Coloring Page, Water Coloring Mat

Show & Tell:

 Witch Costume

 Wish upon a star pants

 Wow! I've got silver teeth

 Woolly Mammoth

"W" is in Hawaii
 Watch this!

  • Veggie Sticks (we used them to form W), almonds, & orange Wedges
  • Wheel & Star Shaped Jigglers & Clementines
  • Watermelon Skewers 
Birthday:  Happy Birthday Milo!  Thank you for sharing yummy banana chocolate chip muffins with us!

Music & Movement:
  • Got a Wiggle
  • Wiggle like a Worm
  • Watermelon song
  • Window, Window
  • Wash your Hands 
  • Birthday song
  • Roll-a-Dice Coloring W pictures 
Science:  We had a fun time petting my bunny and talking about his whiskers.  What are whiskers for?

  • Whatzits
  • Watermelon stamped Watermelon Wedges
  • Rainbow Wands


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